Storage Vehicles

Electric Tractor

  • New Maintenance-Free AC motor
  • Electromagnetic braking operation is safe and reliable
  • Side-pulling battery design
  • Transportation tools for workshop circulation
  • Design with a low center of balance
  • Electronic steering system for comfortabl operation


The future of material handling

Hilectro Storage Vehicle Series includes: forward-moving electric stacker car, electric pallet stacking trucks, three-wheel electric forklift truck, electric tractor, balanced electric stacker car. According to the different warehouse environment and warehousing requirements, we provide customers with customized products and the most complete selection of accessories.

The storage vehicle series can react quickly, move flexibly, control precisely and define new logistics speed, which enables customers to accomplish more tasks with less time and improve work efficiency to the maximum extent.

Quick overview

Type of driving:

Standing steer type

Type of Brake:

Electromagnetic braking

Rated load coverage:


Minimum turning radius coverage:


Electric Box:

Side-Pull Battery box

Series Features

Original imported FREI handle from Germany

The brake function is available at any point on the emergency stop button of the handle. Life test: more than 2 million accelerators, more than 1 million buttons, fully sealed waterproof and dustproof structure, suitable for use in harsh conditions.

Original imported Vulkollan wheel from Germany

With elastic damping effect, good grip, it is not easy to skid and having more wear-resistant, good comfortability.

Adjustable backrest

In line with ergonomics, improving the operability and comfortability.

Customized hook-type design

Meeting the requirements of different working conditions.