White goods industry

Forklift characteristics

White household appliance is a specific category name of household appliances, referring to the electric products that can replace people’s housework (the name comes from that most of these appliances in the early days were white appearance), mainly including washing machines, some kitchen appliances and those improving living environment and improving material living standards (such as air conditioning, refrigerator, etc.).

At present, mainland China is the largest white household appliance production base in the world. From the production and processing of raw materials to the assembly and operation of the whole machine, forklift is indispensable.

  • Tonnage usually below 3T, generally 1.5-3T;
  • Generally used for material handling (outdoor) and using a cart or conveyor indoor;
  • High mechanical strength, meets severe working conditions and road conditions and adapts to frequent short-term operations;
  • Flexible operation, high operating efficiency and frequent use of steering / brake / lighting;
  • White goods are not handled by the fork directly, but mostly transported by clamp (gripper);
  • During the operation, the goods shall be protected to a certain extent (clamping force control and adjustment).

Recommended models


The four-fulcrum CPD20/25K single-drive forklift has a rated load capacity of 2-2.5T, and can carry 1.5-2T after installing the refrigerator clamp accessories (CPD30/35k can be selected if necessary), so as to meet the production demand of white household appliance industry.


Upgraded to 80V electric control, with high efficiency and fast charging; waterproof connector, integrated cast axle; optional side fork frame.

CBD15 electric pallet truck

Lithium electric power, energy saving and environmental protection; permanent magnet brushless motor, lifting limit; multiple choice of fork length, convenient maintenance.

Industry cases