Fruit storage industry

Forklift characteristics

Fruits (apples / kiwifruit, etc.) are seasonal and perishable, so they need to be transported to fresh-keeping cold storage quickly after picked to inhibit the activity of microorganisms and enzymes in fruits, which is a way to ensure their taste and extend the shelf life. The quality can also be ensured by fresh-keeping cold storage to achieve off-season sales and increase revenue.

The fresh-keeping temperature of fruit storage (fresh-keeping cold storage) ranges from -3℃ to 15℃. At present, Northern Shanxi mainly planting and storing apples, kiwifruit and other fruits is the largest fruit storage base in China. Forklift is indispensable from picking and fast storage to ex-warehouse operation.

  • For indoor / outdoor operation in fruit storage, the electric forklift with no pollution and low noise is becoming more and more popular;
  • Tonnage: about 2.5T in apple storage, with the highest stacking height of 5.4m for 1.4T; 1.5T in kiwifruit storage, with the highest stacking height of 3.3m for 1T;
  • For stacking operation in the fruit storage, side shifting accessories are equipped to improve work efficiency;
  • Water / icing fruit storage must be equipped with solid antiskid tires; water vapor is easy to condense when entering and leaving the storage, so electrical components must have protection functions such as waterproofing; paint and standard parts for rust protection;
  • The vehicle has good mechanical strength, excellent climbing performance, flexible operation for short-term frequent operation, high work efficiency and frequent use of steering / braking / lamps;
  • During operation, there are certain requirements for battery endurance and water replenishment maintenance.

Recommended models

CPD25K (apple storage)

With three-level 5.5m gantry + sideshifter accessories 

The four- fulcrum CPD25K single-drive forklift has a rated load of 2.5 t, which can carry 2.3 t when installed with sideshifter accessories, and stack in the fruit storage. The maximum height is 5.4 m and the maximum load is 1.4 t, which meets the production demand and logistics operation of apple storage.

CPD15K (Kiwi storage)

With two-level 3.5m gantry + sideshifter accessories

Four-fulcrum CPD15K single-drive forklift has a rated load of 1.5T, which can carry 1.3T when installed with sideshifter accessories, and stack as highest as 3.2m. The maximum load is 1.0T, which meets the vehicle production demand and logistics operation of kiwi storage.

CPD25KH (main model in fruit industry)

Upgraded to 80V electric control, with high efficiency and fast charging; waterproof connector, integrated cast axle; equipped with permanent magnet AC motor, saving 20% energy. Optional side fork-type frame, fast side battery taking; optional lithium battery, maintenance-free, efficient and fast.

CBD20/25/30 electric pallet truck

Foldable pedal with shock absorption, saving time and effort; electronic power steering, imported controller; vertical AC drive motor, waterproof connector.

CBD15 electric pallet truck

Lithium electric power, energy saving and environmental protection; permanent magnet brushless motor, lifting limit; multiple choice of fork length, convenient maintenance.

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